Amanda Gordon

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Amanda Gordon lives in New Mexico. She is a writer, poet, musician and blogger. With a strong musical background, Amanda was given a unique talent towards her poetry. With countless support and effort towards her music and writing she has her parents to thank for always expecting a lot out of her, and nudging her in the right direction. At only eight years old, she drew gift cards with poems on them for the holidays, a unique gift that her parents encouraged. At nine years old, Amanda can remember receiving her first journal courtesy of her mother. From that moment, her joy for writing took off. Whether it be short stories, poems, or random philosophy she loved the feel of pen and paper in her hand. Her previous publications Include:


(Short story) “When I Was a Little Girl” Page 153.

“Heron Clan 111” – Katherine James Books, Chapel Hill, Edited by Edward Lyons and Doug Stuber

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