Best Psychological Thrillers

The Best Psychological Thrillers people remember are those films that really rattle our internal senses. Unlike horror films, that many times use visual gore, the best psychological thrillers use the audience’s imagination to shake them up.

My interest in finding the best psychological thrillers, both written and on film, comes from our recent development for our new film – LIFE IN THE HOLE. The journey included tapping into some of the classic films such as Alfred Hitchcock’s film Pyscho. Other psychological thriller movies would include: The Silence of the Lambs, Seven, The Butterfly Effect, Black Swan and of course the Saw series. Each of these have their own style psychologically induced fear and confusion. Yet, maintain a certain element of the unknown.

Where to Find the Best Psychological Thrillers

Also discovered among my search for the best psychological thrillers were books by independent authors. The truth be told, I don’t have a lot of time to just and read. But I have a strong hunger for books that aren’t always business driven or self-help based. It’s very normal for me to escape reality for 20 minutes or so on my drive to work with a good audio book. While most of my “escape reality for 20 minutes” listening is usually a fictional story, I’ve been listening to the autobiography of Taylor Evan Fulks. Her book is entitled My Prison Without Bars: The Journey of a Damaged Woman to Someplace Normal. If you want to feel all of your emotions from dread to hope, this book will take you into places most don’t want to be.

But one author, on a fictional side, whom I consider to produce some of the best psychological thrillers is H.E. Joyce. In the last month I’ve devoured two of his books. His first,The Deadliest Game was a straightforward linear story that tapped into real world scenarios and basic instincts of humans. This was a very solid, well-written novel. The second book of his that I’d love to make into a movie is Torment.  In this narrative, H.E. delves into things that would scare us by our association but lack of everyday experience. I can’t stop talking about both of these books. These are by far the best psychological thrillers I’ve read all year.

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