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If you’re like me, you’ve asked yourself, “What are the good movies to watch?” In my opinion, this is a very loaded question. Before rambling off a list films I think are great, I feel it’s more important to understand a viewer’s taste in films and exactly what someone is looking for in their cinematic intake. And instead of just telling you what good movies to watch based on popularity and this week’s selection, this article will delve into a couple different concepts. The article will break down not only some of the primary genres but it will identify unknown greats and where to watch them.  My desire is for this to be a resource for those looking to discover some really unique, good movies to watch.


Chinese Super Ninjas
I absolutely love martial art films. And this film is one of the best. The film deals with 5 different elements of earth. That mean you’ll be entertained with some of the best, outside the box weaponry and fight tactics ever seen in martial arts history. As both a kid and an adult, this is a good movies to watch.


They Live
This 1988 movie is a real classic with both action enthusiast and sci-fi junkies. The story focuses on special sunglasses that reveal certain class of people that try to maintain control of the earth. The film stars the recently passed Rowdy Roddy Piper from the old WWF days.


Let the Right One In
I first discovered this film while attending a junior college in Las Vegas. The film has a very unique spin on the Vampire genre by staging it between a young girl and a young boy. The gore effect and animal like attacks are done with great style. This is not your typical bite and bleed vampire movie. The director does a fantastic job inducing the viewers mind without the exploitation of in your face carnage. Watch Let the Right One In on Amazon Instant Video.

Though this movie does have a few big named actors, (Brad Pitt) the inception of this Irish, roughneck film gives it a very unique independent film. If you enjoy mobster films, fight films and psychological twist films, Snatch will give it all to you with a proper dose of European humor. Watch Snatch on Amazon Instant Video.


There Will Be Blood
Today, everyone talks about the corrupt oil business and how big oil companies rule the earth. Well this film catches the very beginnings of an oil tycoon who knows how to use what he has, to his advantage. Showing a magnificent character arch in both the lead and supporting characters, each will take anyone down an emotional journey allowing them to become enraged and celebrate with the characters. There Will Be Blood has always been counted as one of the good movies to watch.  Even with its Academy Award winning recognition, it still struggles to find itself in film viewing discussions.


Showing the darkness of young adolescences and their need to fit in, this movie brings a true look at the urban teenager as they try to navigate their personal identities. Capturing an array of problems kids face today, the movie follows a young girl who has a secret to share and by the end, her abuse is rewarded with the proper gift.  Watch the film here on Youtube.  (Quality isn’t great)

Here’s another good movies to watch. This English film reaches down to the basic animal in all of us by pitting civilized people against those impulsive, violent types that justify their aggression as being protective. Broken takes three families and intertwines their lives by exposing fear compensated by aggression and aggression suppressed by fear.


Those films that are really special are those with a specific style that challenges the norm of independent filmmaking. Buried is about an American truck driver, contracted to work in Iraq that ends up getting kidnapped and buried alive in a box, stuck in a shallow grave. Inside the box are a few items that help him navigate his dilemma and to help negotiate a ransom he’s be instructed to facilitate. The entire movie takes place inside the wood box and will keep you hanging from the seat of your pants during the entire film.


Robot and Frank
Being shown at Sundance 2012 (though I really don’t care about Sundance) this film is a great example of what can be done on a low budget with lots of creativity. The story does a great job of connecting two generations together through the ideas of hard work and technology. Both young and old will be able to appreciate this film for its humor, tone and overall production. After watching Robot and Frank, you’ll be putting it on your list of good movies to watch.

Requiem for a Dream
This movie wields so many great things that mainstream media have taken since its beginning. Have you ever heard of a “hip hop montage?” This is a term that gets thrown around in film schools all over the world. That term came from many of the drug induced montages the films directors created with both vision and technical skill. If you want to feel some dark emotions and reinstate your positon for keeping your kids drug free, this movie will fuel your passion to do so.


What actually classifies a film to be considered great? Some will argue production, others story. For myself, the good movies to watch need to move me emotionally by using new and original ideas or by unconventional means. The combination of all things related to production play into effect to include color design, music score and of course story. But has many would agree and some would argue, not all good movies to watch fit every audience. This idea alone is what continues to foster the development of new visual stories while paying homage to those that have already filled our viewing appetite.