Joseph Badal Author

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Joseph Badal Author, is the CEO & founder of Joseph Badal & Associates Inc.  He is the author of 8 Thrillers and has been named One of 50 Great Authors.

He has won numerous awards, including the NM/AZ Book Awards Best Fiction-Mystery/Suspense for The Lone Wolf Agenda, and The Tony Hillerman Prize for Best Fiction Book for Ultimate Betrayal.

“Storytelling has been a vital part of my family’s culture. My father passed on stories that his grandfather and father told him, and created epic tales that included his children as characters. We each had a turn at being the hero of his stories. For me, listening to stories and reading as many books as I could carry from the public library were the foundation for my passion for writing. And it is that background that stimulated my desire — or, perhaps, more accurately, my need — to write. Writing has become my passion. I could no more stop writing than stop breathing.” –  Joseph Badal

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