New Thriller Movies Require a Great Cast

January 2016 will be there year for new thriller movies hitting the silver screen. Built around suspense, tension and excitement, LIFE IN THE HOLE will deliver these required elements for its audience. Viewers can expect to be emotionally challenged by the content. The casting of talented actresses and actors will create this fully evolved movie. The mission of the film is to make the audience think about the issues surrounding sex-trafficking. It will also challenge the audience to consider how they would escape such turmoil.

Being part of a list of new thriller movies, the story will be told from different aspects, giving the viewers insight to each character. This insight will be built on situations that allow everyone to question themselves on what they would do if found in a similar situation. The main actresses selected for the film will deliver stellar performances that evoke emotions that the other new thriller movies will not.




Cassandra Nuss


‘The Guard’

Dave Stout



Lauren Jenna


Tabatha Wolfe


Lainee Rhodes


‘Carla’s Dad’

Tony Mendoza

New Thriller Movies Require a Great Crew

New thriller movies coming out in 2016 will also require a great crew and post-productions services. LIFE IN THE HOLE will be use great techniques to evoke emotion and tone. The use of POV’s is only one example as to what to expect with this fluid moving film. Besides the use of current gear and accompanying crew, a lot of the intended feel will be enhanced during the post-production phase. With the use of proper color correction with Davinci Resolve, the visuals in conjunction with the performances will give the audience that heart thumping experience everyone is looking for. Because this isn’t a shoot em’ up film but more of a thinking and eluding to unseen elements film, the sound design and music score will be impeccable. Much of the movement of the film will depend on these two elements. Our crew, being adequately equipped and permeating with an enormous amount of talent, will bring LIFE IN THE HOLE to completion, listing it as one of the great new thriller movies of 2016.




J.G. Blodgett


‘Director of Photography’

Josh Helmick


‘Makeup Dept. Head’

Rebecca Lee Castro



Tony Mendoza


‘Sound Mixer’

Travis Brown



Illyria Brant


‘Music Composer’

Greg Thompson

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