H.E. Joyce is one of the best authors when it comes to psychological thrillers.Tony Mendoza ... Director

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Psychological Thriller Books

H.E. Joyce has been known to write the best psychological thriller books. For many years, H.E. has entertained his readers by engaging them in some of the most fear stricken situations and looming characters. Committed to doing things unconventional and not always ending on a happy note, H.E. maintains a sharp pen when crafting a story that touches on some fantasy and much real world reality. His ability to tap into the human psyche is what drives the thriller his readers chase.  A few of his psychological thriller books include The Deadliest Game and his most recent novel Torment.  All of his work is also available on audible.com in audio form.

It’s an honor to have H.E. Joyce join the team as the author for the full length novel and The Hole is his collection of psychological thriller books.

The Hole – Is One of His New
Psychological Thriller Books

Located in an undisclosed location, somewhere in the southwestern desert, is an old, run down warehouse. This warehouse is not your typical industrial building but is the central hub for an international human trafficking ring. Known as ‘The Hole’ prostitutes and sex-slaves are brought to this location for various purposes.

Some come for their indoctrination to their new life, others to be disciplined however, all leave broken. Managed only by one man, a dark ominous monster known as ‘The Guard’ The Hole’s temporary tenants are subjected to his tactics of intimation, violence, rape and forced drug addiction.

As fate would have it, two rival prostitutes who only know each other by their reputations in the business, suffer their own challenges adjusting to their time in captivity. Carla, a more classy, upper echelon prostitute, newer to the game and naïve to her situation is quickly mentored by Mariah, a tough, trashier type hooker who as come to accept who she is as both a professional prostitute and heroin junkie.

Pitted against each other through their circumstances, each baring their own individual histories that landed them in The Hole, the two women join forces when, without warning are made to share their hovel of a space with Kimmey, an 11-year-girl. Committed to helping Kimmey escape, the two women begin to discover redemption as they put their whit’s against the torturous techniques and menacing presences of the Guard.

Considered to be amongst the best psychological thrillers for 2016, The Hole will offer up the high intensity, white knuckle story telling all thriller movies enthusiast seek.

The Hole promises to bring as much thrill and heart thumping entertainment to the movie as does H.E. Joyce with his psychological thriller books.  Be sure to fill out the form below to stay updated on both the full length novel and the movie.

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