The Ninth District by Douglas Dorow

staff Podcast

Today, I had the pleasure of interview Douglas Dower, author of THE NINTH DISTRICT.  Douglas, an I.T. manager has always been interested in fictional writing; specifically crime thrillers. His commitment to his understanding of the craft sent him to a citizen’s program of the FBI where he was trained in certain aspects of FBI operations. His experience during this training now helps Doug write the best psychological thrillers.

Besides sharing his background and writing habits, Doug was very generous with sharing his knowledge on actually standing up The Ninth District. He talks cost of creating an audio book and how the profit sharing works with writer’s and voice actors. He also explains certain required commitments when working with and their sister company.

The Ninth District by Douglas Dorow is a great book to either read or listen to.  For more information on Doug and his future writing you can find him through the links listed under the show.

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