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Medium Synopsis: Two 17-year old slackers stumble upon discarded reel-to-reel tapes. When they first listen to the tapes they hear the voice of a young Riley Oakes, who has a clear and distinct speech impediment. It becomes clear that Riley used these tapes as a way to practice his diction. The boys initially make fun of Riley’s lisp, but as they listen further, they hear music sung clearly, and it sounds like old lost John Lennon songs. Stumped for an idea for a final project in their new media class, Kyle and Logan, make a website to find out who this Riley Oakes is. What they discover on these tapes not only changes their lives, but the lives of so many others.

Producer: Naddine Madell-Morgan is a Writer, Actor, Producer, Director, and Media Publicist.
Naddine has acted in short films such as A Dark Winter’s Night, and the forthcoming SyFy series, Wynonna Earp. Naddine made the transition from radio into film with her first producing project, Computer Potato (2013) as Associate Producer. Realizing she had a knack for producing, Consolation Prize (2014) came next, followed by Who is Riley Oakes? (2015). Upcoming projects in varying stages of development include a documentary called Positive, an untitled short form children’s psychological thriller, and a web series called Faultline. Moving into her first directorial piece, Naddine is writing and directing a music video called The Other, will be directing a short form comedy called The Jaded Bachelorette, and is writing a full length feature tentatively titled, India, Farewell.

In addition to her film work, Naddine has been involved with many arts organizations over the years, writing for Canada’s Beatroute Magazine, coordinating 2 Funding Drives for CJSW 90.9 FM, Co-Managing the Media and Publicity for Calgary Folk Music Festival, adjudicating the Prism Prize, which awards the Best Canadian Music Video, and will assist in coordinating several events for the JUNO AWARDS to be held in Calgary in 2016.

Writer/Director: Ron Devitt has written, produced and directed several short films, a number of commercials, and has about ten scripts waiting to be put into production. His projects have been in the finals for several competitions such as the Big Rock Eddies. In the 2008 Final Draught Short Screenwriting Competition the script Who is Riley Oakes? was a finalist. His previous short film, Fifty-Eight, won best sound at the Prairie State Film Festival in 2013.

Director of Photography: Charles Hamilton graduated from the SAIT Film & Television program in 2014. During his time at SAIT, Charles worked on a number of projects including the short film, Dark Winter’s Night, an amazing western/horror for which Charles was nominated as Best Student Cinematographer at the Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards in March 2015.

Sam Duke as Riley Oakes – At the ripe age of 16, Sam has a list of credits to his name that many actors would envy. As a full-fledged ACTRA member, Sam has been steadily working, most recently on Fargo, When Calls the Heart, and Alberta produced, The Sound of Willie Nelson’s Guitar, all while attending Calgary’s Central Memorial High School Performing & Visual Arts program. Sam was most recently seen in Olympus on the SyFy channel.

Griffin Cork as Kyle Kaminski – Griffin is a local actor with quite the pedigree as both his parents are, or were, actors. Griffin graduated from Calgary’s Central Memorial High School Performing & Visual Arts program, completed an internship with Alberta Theatre Projects, and in now enrolled in the University of Lethbridge Theatre Arts degree program.

Stacie Harrison as Hannah Oakes – Stacie is an accomplished stage and film actor, director, teacher and mentor to many. She is the last remaining instructor teaching the Meisner acting technique within the Calgary community at Company of Rogues, Central Memorial High School Performing & Visual Arts program, as well as private coaching. Most recently, Stacie acted in the local production Dryland and played the lead role in award winning filmmaker Cam Christensen’s My Misspent Youth.

Jesse Collin as John Oakes – Jesse is an actor and producer in Calgary and Toronto. Jesse is the epitome of professional and always bring something interesting to his performance. Jesse starred in the web series Season of the Wolf, in the much lauded, Liebe, and you can catch his most recent performance in the second season of the popular Fargo television series seen on the FX Network.

Alan Sabir as Logan Vaughn – Alan is a young up and coming actor. He is enrolled in the SAIT Film & Television Program. A talent to watch both in front of, and behind, the camera, Alan is also a seriously talented dancer.

Neil Enock as Mr. Green – Neil Enock is a writer, director, producer and actor in Calgary. He is involved in many of his own projects as well as other independent projects around town. Recently, Neil published his first novel, Doc Christmas, which he plans to turn into a full-length film.

Film Festivals and Awards: Who is Riley Oakes? has been fortunate enough to screen at several festivals and won a few awards

Maverick Movie Awards – Los Angeles, CA
LA Shorts Awards – Los Angeles, CA
• Bronze Prize for Cinematography
Raintree International Film Festival – Danville, KY
GardenCity International Film Festival – Bangalore, India
Chicago International REEL Shorts film festival – Chicago, IL
• Best of the Fest – Top Prize
Richmond International Film Festival – Richmond, VA
Wendy’s Shorts – Online
Texas Ultimate Shorts – Online
Los Angeles Cinefest – Online

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